Remote Starter + Windows UP module, SOLVED !

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Remote Starter + Windows UP module, SOLVED !

Postby wudwork » Sun Nov 09, 2008 5:08 pm

I am getting a "Hornet 569T" remote starter installed in my 07 RTL. This is NOT a security system, the fob only has a single button, start. It is the same control box that is used with the "Valet 562T" remote starter system but does NOT have the lock/unlock/aux buttons on remote. Cost for 569T is $110 + device to bypass needing key to start, $60 + NJ Sales Tax + install comes to around $325.

The Windows UP module, from KP Technologies, requires a LOCK LOCK signal to trigger it. KPtech advises that many remote starter and/or alarms do NOT send a LOCK LOCK no matter how many times you hit lock button. The factory remote sends as many LOCK signals as you hit button. That is why the factory remote works with KP module and after market remotes don't.

I just put the 562T starter in my wifes car and love it. At that time, I did not know about the 569T system. I tried her new remote to get multiple LOCK signals to come out; no dice. The doors only locked once. Her factory remote sends LOCK as many times as you hit button, just like our RL. Therefore I cannot use her remote starter setup in my RL since the Windows UP would not get its trigger.

I just learned about the 569T; namely it ONLY has a starter, no other functions. Good for me, that is all I want. Now I use starter to just start the RL and hold the starter button down to unlock doors. After that, getting out of RL, locking, windows up etc. are all handled by factory remote ! Voila!

Keep in mind, most factory remotes will NOT function at all if the engine is running. This is brain overload since they were never programmed for this condition. That is why the remote starter must have ability to unlock doors, otherwise you would be forced to use key to open doors if you started car with remote.

I assume there are many other "single button" remote starters, and only referenced this model number as something my local auto shop likes to use.

HTH, Tom
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Re: Remote Starter + Windows UP module, SOLVED !

Postby KPierson » Mon Nov 10, 2008 7:54 pm

Great information!

Generally, only Honda's won't unlock the doors from the keyfob if the vehicle is running. Most other cars will allow this!
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