2008 G37 with ADP System

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2008 G37 with ADP System

Postby KPierson » Sat Jul 06, 2013 12:40 am

The ADP system is a system that allows different mirror positions to be programmed for different drivers. In order to make the system work there is an ADP controller mounted above the accelerator pedal near the heater box (labeled "2" in the following picture):


Instead of running the mirror motors directly from the mirror position switch the mirror position switch connects directly to the ADP controller. The ADP controller then connects to the mirror motors. In order for the Mirror Tilt module to work the mirror motor wires MUST be used - connecting them to the switch wiring will not work. The ADP controller has two harnesses attached to it - a 32 pin connector and an 18 pin connector. The 32 pin connector contains wires 1 - 32 and the 18 pin connector has wires 33-48. The controller becomes the "switched side" in the instructions and the mirror motors remain the Motor side.

The following wires are an example from a 2008 G37 coupe - the sedan wiring may change:

Passenger Mirror Up (auto tranny): Pin 14 at ADP - White
Passenger Mirror Up (manual tranny): Pin 14 at ADP - Brown

Drivers Mirror Down: Pin 16 at ADP - Yellow

Passenger Mirror Down: Pin 30 at ADP - Sky Blue

Drivers Mirror Up: Pin 31 at ADP - Green

For power, ground, and ignition there are several options:

The ADP controller has 12VDC power and ground:
12VDC Power: Pin 34 at ADP - Violet
Ground: Pin 40 at ADP - Black
Unfortunately there is not ignition signal at the ADP controller. Ignition can be tagged possibly at ignition switch, or at cigarette lighter, or behind radio.

The BCM is located in the passenger kick panel and has all wires needed:
12VDC Power: Pin 11 at BCM - Red
Ground: Pin 13 at BCM - Black (would probably just chassis ground in drivers kick)
Ignition: Pin 47 at BCM - Yellow

Pins 11 and 13 are in the same harness - a 16 pin harness in the corner of the BCM (circled in red). Pin 47 is in a 40 pin harness (marked with green arrow):


The last wire is the reverse wire. It is in the drivers kick as an orange wire.
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Re: 2008 G37 with ADP System

Postby hotsawce » Fri May 19, 2017 10:51 am

I can’t locate a reverse wire. This tutorial states it’s an orange wire in the drivers kick panel, but when you look, there isn't an obvious orange wire anywhere. Would you be able to be more descriptive please? If it can't be found there, I should be able to find one under the gear shift panel, right?
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