KP Technologies offers FREE technical support and installation assistance to all of our customers.

Submitting A Request

When submitting a request, please be sure to include the following information:
  • The product you are trying to install
  • The vehicle information (make-model-year) that the product is being installed on
  • A detailed description of the problem or pictures illustrating the problem
  • Results of any troubleshooting steps you have already performed

Online Support (24-hour response time)
Please visit our Online Support Forums for detailed step-by-step installation instructions with pictures. If the specific problem you are having does not exist, then please post your problem and our technician will respond within 24 hours. This is the preferred method of support so we can continue to build our knowledge base.

Email Support (48-hour response time)
If you were unable find a solution to your problem through our Online Support Forums, then please feel free to email your problem to and our technician will respond within 48 hours.

Installation Manuals
Product installation manuals are available for download in the product description section of the Products Page